Camper Van Camping Tips For Fun And Relaxation

Camper Van Camping Tips For Fun And Relaxation

If you’re planning a road trip through Europe or the UK, read up on useful campervan travel tips so you can prepare for your trip. Everyone loves pancakes, so why not eat them when you’re on a road trip through the countryside, in an RV?

Here’s a quick video to teach you how to create some fabulous, fluffy apple pancakes in your camper van while on your trip. It might seem a little strange, but it really is pretty easy! You’ll want to keep the temperature down, because pancakes are known for being quite a bit on the hot side, so make sure to put your heater on at a low setting.

Place the frying pan over the stove, add your ingredients (or use a crock pot) and mix. As you mix the batter, remember that this isn’t the time to add anything else, since this is a dry recipe. After mixing, place the pan in the microwave for five minutes, then remove from the microwave and cook until golden brown. Carefully flip your pancakes, allowing them to rest a few seconds before serving.

If regular pancake batter doesn’t appeal to you, then try using some fruit butter. This isn’t as popular as pancake batter, but it can create delicious, fluffy fruit pancakes! Mix some dried fruit with butter, a few sugars, and about one teaspoon of vanilla extract, and you’ll have a delicious, fluffy treat. Serve with a fresh fruit drink, or just eat the whole thing cold.

Keep The Campus Clean

Another important part of the camper van camping trip is to keep the campus clean. There are a variety of small cleaning kits available for your camper van, including a handy sponge, an abrasive cloth and a cloth with non-toxic cleaner, which will get rid of spills quickly. A small bottle of laundry detergent with a couple tablespoons of bleach is also an excellent way to get stains out of your clothing and carpets.

Other camper van camping tips include making sure that the camper is free from cobwebs, dust mites and bugs, and other pests such as ants and mosquitoes. While these creatures are more common in the countryside, they can be a problem if you’re travelling in the city.

To prevent fleas from getting into your bedding, place a few eggs in a few cracks or crevices in the mattress. When these eggs hatch, they will start to lay their larvae in the crevices, and it’s these larvae that will burrow through your bedding and create a breeding ground for their adult fleas. If you’re lucky enough to have an infested bedding, there’s a chance that you can destroy all of the adult fleas without having to destroy the eggs, although doing this will require some scrubbing, so be careful.

Lastly, after dinner, make a campfire pit out of your wood stove. This is a great way to enjoy your meal outdoors, and it’s also a good way to keep insects and bugs away from your sleeping bags and gear.


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